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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
Good for them. Still, though, any danger posed by the ejection of casings is minimal at most.
There is still a danger though, or maybe it is just more of an inconvenience. If you ever watch BTS footage of gunfights being filmed (the gunfight from Heat springs to mind) you will quite often see the cameramen wearing face shields for this exact reason, or even having big Lexan shields built around the camers or held by extra crew members.

In the TV series Stargate SG1 the main weapon they used was originally MP5s, but they switched to P90s. Although I doubt that it was the inciting reason (more likely aesthetics and "cool" factor) if you watch/listen to the behind the scenes stuff or commentaries the producers and actors say that the fact that the P90 ejects downwards was a massive bonus. In fact, there were scenes that they were only able to shoot in a particular way because of this aspect of the weapon (e.g. several characters firing there guns in a narrow hallway in both directions).
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