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Originally Posted by Krel View Post
The big honkin' pistol in the second photo is a prototype pistol, the .50 BMG Thunder. Some info here: http://airbornecombatengineer.typepa...n_the_50_.html

I suppose the only mystery left is who made it? And thanks for the link, I didn't know it was single shot or 50 BMG, this helps me greatly in classifying it in my photo gallery of weapons

Originally Posted by Bugabear View Post
I would have thought that the Paintball gun was actually a Tippmann A-5. Based on the Hopper, Cyclone Feed system, Front sights, Rear sights, thingy you push to spin the balls around, and the gas regulator. It also seems the cops spent the little extra and got that weird attachment that puts the tank in the front. Why is it called something else? Also they should replace the buttplate. Those things have had a product recall because they'll explode after little while.
Never heard of the Tippmann A-5(but then again I never heard of the TAC-700 until yesterday), nevertheless I'm pretty sure it's the TAC-700 I'll post a link to the manufactures web site in a second.

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