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Originally Posted by SPEMack618 View Post
Couple of quick questions...

Why have sub-compact 9mm guns as primary and then a bigger gun in .40 S&W for a back up?

Not to be a Glock fan boy, but maybe Glock 19s primary and the 26s as back up pieces?
I just figured that you'd only draw your backup gun when your primaries failed to do the job, and you'd want something a little more powerful in that situation.

I originally thought that the Glock 19 was too big and would look awkward in her hands, but I've taken some measurements and realized that, assuming everything is in proportion, I was wrong.

Using Glock 19s instead of 26s is good, but I don't want her primary and backup piece to come from the same manufacturer. It would just bug the hell out of me, don't know why. I think I'll give her the FN Five-seveN as her backup gun.
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