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Originally Posted by 2wingo View Post
What exactly is "limiting" about it?
No stock is bad, much harder to aim. A top or side-folding stock would be nice. The short barrel is OK.

She'll carry only her primary and the Walther when she's on patrol. The S&W is her "off-duty" gun.
Sounds good.

No thanks, I'm not really into either Buffy or Jason Bourne. Although I do have a few ideas for a Hanna/Dirty Harry crossover.
Ok, I just found that the author managed several very impressive things: A. He wrote a good fanfic, and used good grammar. B. He wrote Buffy first-person very well. C. The military was portrayed correctly and competent. Pretty sure the author is current/former military, it's that good IMO. D. The crossovers work. It crosses over with Predator, Bourne, Hanna, Splinter Cell, The A-team, Bionic Man and Bionic Woman, The Exorsist (No, seriously) and a couple others and IMO does it well.
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