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If you want guns that would be readily available to criminals, if memory serves S&W 9mm automatics are one of the more commonly used higher end pistols used by criminals, so you could go with something like a 5906 or 915 for the primary, or a 3913 for the secondary. Also, Mossberg 500s are the most common pump action used by criminals so I would go with a variant of that.

Like Mandolin said an AR-15 carbine is pretty much a no brainer for the AR, and it has the advantage that it is easy to convert to full auto. Similarly for the SMG you could go for a Colt one, maybe a Model 991, or if you want something shorter maybe the Model 633 (this is pretty rare, but it is pretty much just a chopped down 635 so wouldn't be hard to mod one to this spec).
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