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Nice to see this isn't dead. But your weapons selection is IMO bad again.
The Hi-Power clone should be OK, but I would go with Glock or SiG. Modern, compact, readily available parts, just better. You should be able to get one anywhere in the US

AK-102: Absolutely not. Never. Ever. You want to have a gun that no one else in the USA has, with spare parts unavailable, and very limited options for accessories. I think I said this earlier, but if you're in the US and using 5.56, it's basically AR-15 or nothing. About 6 minor nations use the AK-102, and the nearest is Venezuela. That's where spare parts are coming from.
Get an AR-15. I'd have 10.5, 14.5, and maybe 16" barreled uppers for it. That would allow you to go CQB or snipe just by changing the upper. Like I said before, when in Rome, do as the Romans.

S&W M76: Another bad choice. There were never a whole lot of them, and production ended 40 years ago. Spare parts are an issue, ergonomics are probably bad, and you can't put dot sight and other goodies on it. I would recommend...almost anything else. Uzi/Mini Uzi, MP5A3, MP5K-PDW, B&T MP9.
A TEC-9 might be nice if you need a disposable SMG. Essentially, anything in 9x19, with readily available spare parts.

Shotgun: Good choice, but very limiting. I'd go with the Mossberg JIC you picked earlier.

Back-ups: good choices. But get a good-quality hip holster for your primary pistol, and don't carry all 3 pistols at once. Completely unnecessary and heavy.

Also, you know the AKMSU? I think that if you got one of those it would make a nice concealable assault rifle. Use 20-round mags, put a mini red dot on a railed handgrip, and practice opening the stock while drawing. Serious short-range firepower, if very noisy.

BTW, I came across a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic were Dr. Walsh (evil doctor lady from Season 4) and Marissa worked together, so Hanna ends up joining up with Buffy (who's joined the Army) and Jason Bourne to take her out. Want a link?
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