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Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post

That's your choice. But you can't do much customization with a Mini-14, and I personally think it's too 1980s.
Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking with that.

Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
I personally think think 5.56 is better, but it's your story. Have fun trying to find any though. And get the SD3 rather than the SD6. Three-round burst is unnecessary.
Yeah, good point.

Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
Also, I might try the Kel-Tec RFB for her sniper rifle. A bullpup forward-ejecting 7.62 NATO rifle that takes FN FAL mags could be good. And you could switch between 18, 24, and 30 inch barrels as needed.

What sort of accessories are you giving her? What kind of dot/holographic sight, weaponslights, etc.
I just looked that one up, and dear God, does Kel-Tec make anything that DOESN'T look like a gorilla had rough sex with a Ruger Mini-14 bullpup? Anyhow, I'm just gonna stick with her compound bow for long-range shots.

I'm gonna need a little help with accessories, because aside from the 100mm spotting scope with an attached coaxial 30mm finderscope she'll use to plan out her longer-range shots, I don't really know much about them.

Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
You don't need an assault rifle to stop muggings, find some serious criminals to fight. Drug/human smugglers? Mafia? Would-be terrorists?

Oh, and my comment about unconventional carry of weapons? Bra Holster.
She'll start off with muggers, car thieves, and the like, but she'll attract the attention of bigger underworld players after she torches a truckload of heroin with a Molotov cocktail.
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