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Very interesting. Though I personally don't remember seeing too many revolvers the last time I was up there.

The irony is that this author doesn't seem to realize it, but the fact that the "young guns" are carrying 9mm Glocks, SIGs, and S&Ws shows how far behind the times the whole department really is. When Commissioner Kelly ordered the switch to 9mms in 1993, many federal, state, and local agencies in the U.S. were starting to ditch 9mms and adopting .40 S&W pistols. It was a trend that was only just starting (and didn't really complete itself until about 2000), but it's the kind of thing I would figure that a big, well-funded department like NYPD would adopt sooner rather than later (or never). My own local PD, which has a pretty small operating budget even for its size and jurisdiction, was adopting the Glock 22 and 23 in 1993 (though to be fair, this was after 30 years of using S&W revolvers, so they were LONG overdue).

So the veterans in the NYPD may be carrying revolvers, but the new recruits are still behind the rest of the country to this day.

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