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Come on guys, you're forgetting The Kingdom. The final shootout is great. The FBI team and their Saudi escort chase after the terrorists to get heir man back, and there's a wild shootout. Jamie Fox runs all over the place, empties and picks up three separate guns, and clears the building with the Saudi officer. Jenifer Garner clears the rest of the building, and ends up in a one-sided fight against a man twice her size. Concealment isn't cover, and Garner nearly gets blown up by a friendly grenade, ammo runs out (in a deleted scene, Fox's AK runs out and he's reduced to throwing plates), and the Jamie Fox/Ashraf Barhom duo empties three guns each in the shootout.

Heat is great.

You can't forget the lobby shootout from the original Matrix

The Wild Bunch: Only seen the shootouts on youtube, but man, what a body count. Everything dies, it's not pretty.

Ronin: Good shootouts, but the movie's second half was pretty bad.

The Wild Geese was terrible. No one even pretends to aim, nor does anyone reload.

The Terminator films always impressed me with how, despite being sci-fi killer robot films, the gunplay was very good. People still reload and stuff.

The Veteran, of which I've only seen the final shootout, seems really good aside from the weak guns shots

Any links to good shootouts on youtube?

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