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The Vegas games are the only Clancy games I know of that have unlimited handgun ammo. All the others I've played were limited.

On the topic of Conviction, I'm really on the fence as to whether I want to get it or not. I agree with MC about Chaos Theory (which I've been replaying the past few days, in fact) being the best Splinter Cell. The problem I'm having with all games nowadays is that, no matter the genre, they're being dumbed down so that they look difficult on the outside, but on the inside are so simple a cave man could do it. Look at Tomb Raider, for example. When I got the first one on PS1, it took me months to beat it and doing so felt like an accomplishment. But when Legend came out, I was able to beat it in a matter of days and it was more like a footnote than an accomplishment. The original Splinter Cell encouraged stealth and non-lethal silent engagement of whatever terrorists or other opposition you're up against. I'm afraid Conviction is going to be another "throw stealth to the wind and shoot the shit out of everything" type of game. That kind of thing is fun and all when you're in the mood for it, but it doesn't fly all the time.

No offense to anyone, but I'm really getting tired of game developers being influenced into destroying game franchises I love by gamers that throw controllers through TVs if they can't beat them in 5 minutes.

BTW, my Internet has been out, so that's why I've been absent.
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