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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
In retrospect, though, IMFDB has grown so much since this guy's piece that I think we got the last laugh. This guy called us a "wiki-clone", but the reality is that we've now earned a permanent place in the hearts of gun owners and anyone interested in the entertainment industry.
How exactly has the wiki "earned a permanent place in the hearts of gun owners"? Have we hit it big in the news publications used by the gun industry yet? Do you have any links for that?

Like I said earlier, can a high-level IMFDB affiliate or staff member use that association alone to get into SHOT show or the like?

This forum clearly isn't as active as many internet gun forums are either. I know that membership has to be requested both for this wiki and this forum, but the traffic level here doesn't appear to be very high compared to that of many gun forums. Of course, not knowing the server stats, I can't know for certain just where we stand in terms of traffic to the wiki/forum.

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