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Originally Posted by Checkman View Post
Ahhh the 9mm debate. I don't think it will ever end.
Actually, I'm more of a 9mm guy myself. In other topics, I've expressed a preference for 9mm over .40. It's partially because I'm a SIG guy and their .40 magazines only hold 12 rounds, but also because 9mm is cheaper anyway.

I just couldn't help but feel a tiny bit of irony that this clueless NY Times writer doesn't seem to understand how behind-the-times he's making the NYPD look.

Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I live in Lake County Indiana and I've encountered a lot of cops who were allowed to carry their own on duty pistols. So far, I've encountered guys with Kimbers, USPs in .45, I forget which SIG was it, but it was in .40 S&W. I found out that a lot of the East Chicago's issued sidearm was a Beretta M96 in the .40 S&W, the same for the State troopers, too. Lake County Sheriff's department has Glock 22s as the standard. A lot of departments apparently has Glock 22s.
The G22 is by far the most common LE sidearm in the U.S. Glock dominates about 2/3rds of the domestic LE market, and of that, I'd guess probably 90% of the departments that use Glocks issue/authorize the G22. Glock's web site even calls it "The U.S. Law Enforcement Pistol."

Also, what's a Beretta M96? Do you mean 96F? There is no "M" before the 9 in the Beretta 92/96-series pistols.
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