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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
Well, at least the Beretta M9 (what the Beretta 92 became) is still being upgraded today. Beretta recently announced the release of their M9A4 model, whose distinguishing feature is its optics-ready nature.

Why don't single-action-only 9mm handguns with double-stack magazines count in your definition of a "Wonder Nine"?
The term "Wonder Nine" came about when they started being adopted by police departments as a more modern replacement for the .38/.357 revolvers they tended to use at the time. A revolver can fire double action on the first shot, so a lot of police would want the ability to do this with a replacement otherwise it would be a loss of a feature. Some forces even adopted DAO versions of DA/SA guns so that they felt even more like the revolvers they replaced with a simpler manual of arms. These DAO guns are still "Wonder Nines", but an SAO action version of the same gun would not be. This doesn't necessarily mean that a DA/SA or DAO gun is better than an SAO gun (although I personally think it is), it is just that the term "Wonder Nine" traditionally applies to pistols that were aimed at an LE market so the DA pull on the first shot is a very desirable feature.
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