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Don't use Jane's Recognition Guides, I own one (Vol. 5) and they SUCK! You can note a Norinco Type 56 most easily by its hooded (or circle for simplicity) sight, and milled reciever. There are plenty other recognition techniques but never just use the folding bayonet as one, other AKs have folding bayonets too.

MT2008 made the xXx 2 page and noted that, or did you change it to note that?

It's funny, an XM8 is a G36 in a new plastic shell and that's exactly how they made them look like XM8s in xXx 2.

Just read the site pages and the comments on the professionally made user pages and it'll eventually become easier. Making pages is good practice. After the users tell you you're doiing it wrong enough, eventually you get it right (I went through the same process at first). Before you know it, you'll be another pro who knows all the site regulations, etc., etc.
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