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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
As long as you aren't one of those gamers that calls the Desert Eagle a DEagle, and know the difference between a clip and a mag, you'll be fine here. A lot of us here have that peeve about correct terms when it comes to guns.
That I am, on both points.
One of my peeves is that some people think a "cool" looking AR-15 rifle is either a 416 or a REC7 (Calling it a Barret M468)) right away instead of looking closer.
Me, too. Just because the 416 and REC7 were made, it doesn't necessarily mean the M4 (of which I'm a big fan of) has entirely disappeared.
Originally Posted by Rockwolf66 View Post
Well You should fit in just fine here. All of us make a few mistakes here, when it comes to the Identification of weapons visually. Thankfully, There are other users who will help with correcting that sort of thing. Pretty soon you will be able to tell a Chinese from a Yugoslavian AKM.
That I can also do (the Chinese Type 56 has an integral folding spike bayonet, for one ). Thank you, Jane's Gun Recognition Guide (or something along that name).

My main pet peeve is the HK XM8 in general. Some people (not me) say the M16 looks like a toy, but the XM8 takes that and multiplies it 100X. Seeing it in so many video games as the new "standard" US infantry combat weapon irks me the most.
In fact, IMFDB helped me win a long-standing argument with someone about whether the XM8s in "xXx 2" were real or not. I'm pretty much the only person I know personally that spotted the folding stocks on them...

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