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Originally Posted by BurtReynoldsMoustache View Post
That wasn't that bad. It was also a snapshot of the EARLY days of IMFDB before we clamped down on a lot of silly and snarky commentary. I wrote to the guy personally to comment on it and he admitted that he loved IMFDB. Some of the jokes are silly and some of them are based on stuff that we've since changed.

hahahaha, I was the one who wrote the 'basketweave holster' comment, though I wrote it poorly. I meant to say (at the time) that the 'high ride basketweave holster' that Elizabeth Hurley holds her 92FS in is the wrong type, since SFPD used lower hanging 'gunslinger' style holsters to quicken draw time.' It was my poor typing skills that implied that "basketweave" was somehow wrong.

So far I have not seen any really bad article that SLAM us. I do see guys acting all high and mighty in the 'comments section' of these articles saying how we're all inaccurate and how they know better. Yeah sure, pal. I am so sure that those guys who can 'set us straight' will be here working hard and fixing up the pages. Aren't those the idiotic anonymous users who make a bunch of WRONG edits, only never to be heard from again?
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