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Originally Posted by Swordfish941 View Post
I'm not saying that I'm just replying to your posts with images that say STFU N00B. And you the only person on this forum who's opinions that I somewhat agree agree with are MT2008 (and if he is going to temp ban me because I replied to your posts, then I am willing to be banned).
OK, first of all, I resent this. Zulu got temp-banned because he has temper issues and has been repeatedly asked not to respond to Burt, and this last time, he responded when Burt was just joking. I wish you had not responded to Burt, either, but at least I haven't asked you repeatedly. And while I am kinda offended by what you wrote, I am not going to temp ban you over it.

Second, I do at least agree with you that Burt is trolling now. So I have banned him. Right now, it's temporary, but I'm going to consult with the other mods to decide if it should be permanent. If it's what they all want, I will be fine with it.
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