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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
I'd like it if there was a bunch of "How to" guides for making certain kinds of pages on the wiki, but there isn't, so I'm requesting them here.

There are a few pages on the wiki that belong to the same series but don't have their own series pages and series bottom-of-page templates yet, such as for the Sniper Elite video game series. How does one go about making the series page and series template for those, then?

Furthermore, once a page is moved, how does one set up redirect pages to the page's new title?
I don't know if I want users creating templates willy-nilly. Besides, there's a fair amount of coding involved there, and it should be left to more experienced users.

As for redirects and other things, there is a help page, which appears to have been copied over from Wookiepedia.
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