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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I have seen set up like this so it's not completely inaccurate of the period you're trying to emulate. But despite the light potentially messing with the balance, you can just get a smaller light, mount it to the right and add a pressure switch for it. Don't forget excessive tape on it.
There aren't really any smaller lights from the early stages of Iraq that I could find. Most lights were the Gen 2 M951/M952 or the Gen 2 and 3 M961/M962. I actually have an M962 in a box for another older clone build. That thing is basically the size of a lightsaber hilt, or a D cell Maglite that went on a diet and got skinny. In the later years you'll see Insight pistol lights on quad rails and some of those Surefire M900V vert grip lights but those can get a bit pricey, and their performance is eh, even not considering contemporary light standards.

M951s are cool though in that you can get LED drop ins for them to give them competitive brightness even by today's standards. That one in the pic as a Malkoff M61 which gives the light 325 lumens for 1.5 hours. Granted that's half as efficient as an M300 Scout which does about that with one battery instead of two, but it puts out the lumen count which is nice. I may just put the old P60 lamp back in there just to be true to the times, though.
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