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Originally Posted by AdAstra2009 View Post
Oh yeah almost forgot you need to have your sensitive items tethered to the rifle with gutted and burnt 550 cord. I would also suggest moving the entry light to the right side rail so you can move the vertical fore-grip more to the center. With a vertical fore grip that far to the rear you might as well just grip onto the magwell.
The paracord sounds cool. I've thought about doing that but I haven't found a resource that demonstrates how to tie it properly. As for the light, the thing is so heavy that having it on the right sight of the rifle really messes with the balance. I also like having the vert grip behind it because it makes actuating the light easier, as I can use my index finger knuckle to turn it on and off. I tried magwell against the vert grip too, and believe it or not, the couple inches forward the vert grip gives does make a difference in overall handling, or at least I feel like it does.
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