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Default RoboCop event in Dallas

Hey all. Yeah, I know, haven't posted here in a minute but then again don't do that much in the first place anyway. Do check every so often though.

Anyway, Alamo Drafthouse is doing a special screening event of RoboCop for its thirtieth anniversary on Sunday. Gonna have some cast there with a Q&A. Pretty awesome for a Robo head like myself. But what makes this special is that quite a few Robo fan buds of mine are going so we'll all be meeting up here. Many of us have known each other years online but never met so pretty psyched about that by itself. But also of course seeing my favorite film on a big screen with fans.. including the Auto-9 - that 'fuckin' gun'.. Oh yeah!

About to embark on the Great Crusade.. for a RoboCop nut anyway. I will soon (as in a couple hours) be on a bus heading there and semi-acclimating myself to doing my shit on a damn phone like the rest of the apes. Fun! 😛 If there's anybody not far away that might wanna check it out, I think some tickets are still available.

Eh, anyway, just wanted to share.
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