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I posted a little about this in my other picture post, but I'll go on a little bit here.

I've owned five 1911's over the years. three were Colt, one was a Remington and the one that I currently own is a SAM Inc, known in the States as an ATI Government Model 1911(because American Tactical Imports brings the thing in and sells it domestically).

Simply put, I LOVE this gun. With nearly a thousand rounds through it I have yet to have a single problem. No stove-pipes, no f2f's, no anything. For $405, I'm very impressed with the firearm.

There are a couple things that I do not like about this gun, however.

The first is, like many 1911's I've encountered, it LOVES to be greasy. Maybe it's the parkerized finish, maybe it's just because of the design but this thing, as with all the other 1911's I've owned, it functions best with a lot of oil, compared with my Glock which will run essentially bone dry without issue.

The second thing I dislike about this 1911 is some of the components.

The sights are the low profile 1911 military style with no dots. I like three-dot sights.

The mainspring housing is the larger curved version, which I really like, but it has the lanyard loop on the bottom of it. This means, if you use the flat-bottom mags like I do, you have to be very careful about slamming a new magazine home in it, or you're likely to end up with a tender welt on the pad of your paw.

And finally, the thumb safety switch is pretty severe. Springfield, Colt, Remington, all of them make a nicely rounded and smoothed down thumb safety. It makes for a nice smooth draw without any catching on clothing. The ATI Government 1911 has a very, VERY sharp thumb safety. The first time I drew it out of my inside the belt holster I scratched the buh-jesus out of my flank. The second time, my shirt was tucked in, and it ably cut through the material of said shirt. Until I replace the sights and thumb safety lever, I'll not be carrying this pistol.

For something to just take to the range, keep around the house, or to carry outside the pants, I'm sure anyone would be wildly impressed with this firearm. I'm impressed with the function, thus far, but whiney about a few of the finishing features.
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