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Having a S&W 39, 459, and 5906, I'd say out of them the 39 is about as good a S&W automatic as you can get. As much as people complain about the DA triggers on the 1st and 2nd gen S&W autos you don't really notice it much when actually shooting, and the SA triggers are actually pretty good; wide, light, super short reset that's very predictable. I really like DA/SA 9s but it's kind of funny how a lot of them just aren't quite right for me, like there'll be one thing that bugs me just a little (decocker on P226, Beretta 92's exposed trigger bar, CZ75 only having a safety and no "good" way to decock, S&W 459 trigger being sharp on the edges, etc) that half makes me want to either suck it up and git gud reloading revolvers fast, or go for striker guns. Regardless, I love wondernines and DA/SA in general, enough that I've been shopping around for Ruger P series stuff, Taurus PT92's, Daewoo DP51's, and Beretta Cheetahs
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