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Originally Posted by S&Wshooter View Post
IIRC that's less than what one goes for usually. Just a few weeks ago I got 2 OEM 14 round 5900 mags for $40, and 2 aftermarkets for $17. I'm going to give my 15 round Mec Gar and a 15 round OEM to my father for his 915, loaded with good hollowpoints
It was a good deal. One of the reasons why I didn't haggle. The seller of those mags knew what he was doing though. His second job (he is also a police officer at a nearby agency) is selling accoutrements for firearms. It wasn't a bad price and I've seen genuine single S&W 3rd Gen mags go for significantly higher prices. Besides we get along.

A couple months ago I sold my WWII era M1 carbine to him. Manufactured in 43 by the National Postal Meter Company it had been modified with the bayonet lug and so forth. Also, while in good shape, it was imported back into the states from S. Korea in the eighties. All factors that would hold down it's re-sale value. He paid me $650 for it and sold it to a guy who had been wanting an M1 carbine for awhile. I suspect that the buyer wasn't real discriminating, but he won't tell me what he sold it for. I'm sure he did okay though.

I guess the saying that it isn't what you know but who is true. I've told him to keep me in my mind during his travels and that I will make it worth his while to pick up S&W 2/3rd Gen 45ACP mags.
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