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Signed the Hughes one but I had already signed for the NFA one (still waiting on my damn stamps to clear from June...).

Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
Having to settle for semi-automatics? I know this viewpoint isn't a popular one, but I have yet to be given any reasonable or practical civilian need for full-autos and this leads me to believe that Joe Smith who only hunts or goes shooting on the weekends doesn't need one.

This isn't me being against gun ownership, this is me exercising some common sense.
Without resorting to oft repeated platitudes such as "it's not the bill of needs" or something to that effect, I must disagree with restriction based in presumptuous reasoning similar to what you are stating. Addressing your specific comments, it is dangerous to assume that all restriction should be based in the protection of sporting usage of firearms. This is exactly the train of thought that has been utilized for the last 30 (if not the last 100) years that has led to the erosion of our rights as Americans to keep and bear arms of our own choosing. There are so many anecdotes and examples of laws on the books that cite the lack of need for X gun or X part for "lawful sporting purpose" that leads to "reasonable regulation", which is not.

Our rights are innate and should not be infringed by the governing body, even marginally as in the case of gun control, unless there is clear, evidenced, overwhelming reason that said restriction will definitely benefit the citizenry for the public good and conserve freedom as a whole. There's very little if any solid proof that the proliferation of full auto weapons would change crime, and even if it would, crime is a multifaceted problem that yields many possible solutions, and there are a lot of other potential solutions for the (steadily declining) violence in this country that will do a lot more to effectively address the problem and a lot less to stifle the rights of the average citizen. The NFA didn't stop rogue gangsters in the 1930s from unloading drums in broad daylight, that was the elimination of prohibition as a criminal act, and the work of the police and the FBI, with the use of high powered semi and fully automatic weapons, go figure.

Furthermore, who is to say that full auto wouldn't change sporting? It would completely alter the way 3 Gun and rifle matches are conducted, and those sporting purposes have increased exponentially over the last few years with the increased interest in firearms and ownership of semi-auto rifles and pistols.
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