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I have been following this new series since it aired, and I'm really enjoying it. One of my favorites at the moment. I would have preferred that they kept Porter (Richard Armitage) from Season 1, but the two new leads seem to be up to the task. Also, I find it really funny that the actor who plays the American ex-Delta soldier is Australian in real life, while the actor who plays the British Section 20 operator is actually an American in real life. You'd think the casting director would have hired them to play the opposite roles...

Also, regarding the weapons: This show is filmed mostly in South Africa, which means that a lot of the guns are weapons that we've seen in other South African productions (i.e. those Vektor R5s that are mocked up to look like AK-47s, which have also been used on "District 9" and "Flight of the Phoenix").
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