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Originally Posted by Markost View Post
Brazil is like China: a big country with a big industry. Their fighter program ("FX-2") is, basically, choosing between the Rafale( Lulaīs favourite), Grippen and F-18 and produce them under licence. Thatīs the difference between Brazil and Venezuela. Brazil produces tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, planes and light weapons, meanwhile Venezuela buy their weapons to the russians.
Venezuela does have the ability to make small arms, though (including the AK factory the Russians are helping them build). That means they can flood Brazil, or Colombia (or any other country that hates Chavez) with lots of automatic weapons and ammo, which will go straight to narco-insurgents like FARC or the drug gangs. We know they're already doing this to some degree. That could be pretty painful for those targeted countries if it ties up their security forces with internal concerns.

Originally Posted by Markost View Post
Mmm no, our forcesī doctrine is "one shot, one kill".
Makes sense for designated marksmen, but anyone else, hmmm...

Originally Posted by Nyles View Post
Like my section commander in basic said - if you kill a guy, you just pissed off his buddies on either side of him. If you wound him, they have to give him first aid, carry him back, and then he's a burden on his unit and economy for anything from a few days to life.
Exactly. Though that does make the assumption that the guy's buddies (and his COs) don't associate a concept like "first aid" with the bourgeois. Or the evil infidels.

But all things being considered, I think 5.56x45 does the job just fine.

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