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Originally Posted by Alienqueen11 View Post
That is one awesome looking M1911, MoviePropMaster. I'm loving all your other recent uploads too, Keep up the good work. Are some of these actually screen used from the movie like the Punisher shotgun and Battle: LA M16A4? Because they're very convincing.
Due to time constraints, I'm just grabbing what I can (without getting yelled at ). I grab what looks appropriate, but i don't specifically note something as being screen used unless I know for sure (and was told to my face by the armorer on set). It is frustrating that I have to this photography under less than ideal circumstances and with SERIOUS time constraints. Some eagle eyed members have pointed out that some of the earliest examples of M16s that I pulled from my own inventory and posted as examples of the various models were not correct (i.e. mismatched A2 lowers to A1 uppers, etc.) Though stuff like that happens all the time in films, I now have to go back and make sure that I pull a 100% correct top and bottom matching set to photograph. But it takes alot of effort and time.

So how many of you guys were around way back when the majority of IMFDB's gun photographs were (a) google jacked and (b) Airsoft pics? I remember those days....
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