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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
Let's keep it to just films from now. It's hard to find just one with war films. For example, Black Hawk Down was a great film overall, but can you pick out just one gunfight to single out?
The most memorable gunfights from BHD for me are either the scene where they first take the hotel, or the one towards the end during the night where he throws the IR strobe up on the roof and the AH-6s strafe it with miniguns and rockets. Not saying these are the best as I haven't seen it in a long time, but I remember them so that must count for something.

Are these gunfights supposed to be most realistic gunfights, or just "best"? If the latter, then I think we should really have a scene from Equilibrium (either the one near the beginning where they are sweeping the building for resistance members or the one at the end where he is dressed in white).

Also, for "Saving Private Ryan" I am more inclined to say that the better "gunfight" is actually the fight at the bridge towards the end.

As for westerns, how about the gunfight at the end of "Open Range", or the one at the end of "Django Unchained"?

Other random gunfights that I can think of off of the top of my head, "Untochables" (either the scene on the Canadian border or the one on the steps at the train station), the Sommerfield shootout from "Hot Fuzz", and the rescue scene from "Proof of Life". Possibly also the end of "Blood Diamond" but i can't really remember if that was much of a gunfight, and there is probably a scene from "Platoon" that could go in there as well.
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