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Default Gunfights tournament

I brought this up in November, but it's nearly tournament time. In short, I'm thinking about putting together Best Gunfights Tournament Bracket in time for March Madness. Thirty-two gunfights in four "regions." Looking at the Grantland FB page, there does appear to be a way to do polls, so we'd need close integration with the FB page and the blog.

Criteria: best gunfights on film, only one gunfight per film.
Regions: Michael Mann/John Woo, Westerns, War, Everything else.


Michael Mann/John Woo region:
- Heat, bank heist
- Public Enemies, Little Bohemia shootout
- Collateral, club shootout
- Miami Vice, final shootout
- The Killer, final shootout
- Hard Boiled, hospital shootout
- Face/Off, apartment shootout
- One more

Westerns regions:
- Tombstone, Gunfight at the OK Corral
- Unforgiven, final shootout
- The Outlaw Josie Wales, final shootout
- The Wild Bunch, final shootout
- Four more

War region: (This is a diffcult region for me.)
- Saving Private Ryan, Omaha Beach
- (Does the Ride of the Valkyries scene in Apocalypse Now count as a gunfight?)
- More entries

Everything Else regions: (this is going to be very contested. Maybe this should be merged with the war region.)
- Way of the Gun, ending
- The Matrix, rescue of Morpheus
- Predator, camp assault
- Commando, the end of the film (Arnold might have his own region as well.)

Or, I suppose we can just throw everything in one heap, seed them, and distribute them amongst four equal regions. The trouble with that is, as I pointed out earlier, that we can just have an all Michael Mann Final Four.

Ideas? Nominations?
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