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Originally Posted by SPEMack618 View Post
Yeah, it is always tap, rack, bang. ALWAYS.

I've never used the foward assist, and frankly, think it is both stupid and dangerous.

But I have certainly tapped, racked, and went bang a few times. It just works.
In the British forces it is standard to do a forward assist, even on a normal load. It is arguably unneccesary as it was only really needed with the A1 guns and the bolt closing problems mere largely solved with the A2, but I don't think I would ever call it dangerous. In order for the FA to do something dangerous on an M16 I think you would abolutely have to batter the thing, to the point where you would probably break the plunger.

I do think having the forward assist is a necessity on the AR-15 platform though, as if you were stuck in a fight with a dirty chamber that caused the bolt to not reliably close you would be buggered without it.
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