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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
No that is the old way of doing it. Marines don't even use the forward assist during a jam today. It's either tap, rack, bang if you are in a pinch or look at the chamber to see if its a double feed or stovepipe, solve it and get back into the fight as fast as you can. With SPORTS, you don't know what is wrong with your rifle but you are already trying to solve an unknown problem. And SPORTS isn't immediate action. It's remedial action.
I thought SPORTS was the immediate action, whist remedial action involves putting the safety on and removing the magazine doesn't it? I was taught the British way which is a bit different, the "immediate action" is just to safe, cock, hook (lock the bolt back) and look. From their you perform the relevant "stoppage drill" depending on the situation.

The drills may have modernised since I was taught though (also I was Navy not Marines or Infantry so our small arms training may have been different and not as comprehensive). We tended to shuffle them around a bit (tap magazine first) and ommit parts depending on the situation. Due to the fact you have to reach over the SA80 to cock it you pretty much look in the chamber anyway whatever you do, so there isn't really a simple "tap, rack, bang" unless you deliberately avert your eyes.
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