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Originally Posted by k9870 View Post
I wonder how long it will take to adjust to the heat, i looked it up and its 1,530 miles away
Lived in the N.O. area for 52 years, and you NEVER really get used to the heat. That is why they make air conditioners.

The area has never really recovered from Katrina. It is estimated that we lost 200,000 small businesses that have never returned. But there are still a large number of great restaurants, bars, and clubs. Both of our current phone books stacked only measure up about two thirds to one of our pre-Katrina phone books.

We have gotten used to the situation, but a couple of years back, my Sister and her Husband visited, and were shocked about what wasn't here any longer.

A video from Benny Brunch and the Bunch that may give you a little local flavor.

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