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Thanks Nyles,

Since I write fiction for fun, play Roleplaying games and Debate with terminally stupid progressives I do alot of research. With Canada it's interesting that you guys don't have laws on barrel lenght and just overall lenght.

Then again the Stupidity of ones own laws I have witnessed is scary. Case in point the following.

Originally Posted by Progressive
Originally Posted by Rockwolf66

So when we have Leftist Politicians and activists saying that they want to ban law abiding Civilians the use of arms for nearly half a century we are the delusional ones? We have mountains of Evidence that says otherwise. Just keep pokeing that bear with the pointy stick. Looking at Canada they admit that firearms registration has been a collosal waste of time and money. In Australia their bun bans in the wake of Port Arthur has had no affect on crime, in fact some catigories of crime that had been dropping started to raise again after the ban. With England since Gun control didn't help with Crime they have turned to Knife control. We in the United States who are for the preservation of individual rights have watched what has happened in other countires and have listened to what the stated intent of our home grown leftists are. The intent is to take our individual freedoms and give us neither safety nore security.
Whooah there cowboy. Please don't include Canada in your rant if you can't do it without context or complete information.
Canada's "Long Gun" Registry (yes, that's what they called it) was set up to track (but not ban) long guns....meaning hunting rifles. And yes, it is a waste of time. It's a waste of time (and not a victory for your point of view) because all the other stuff is banned already. Pop Quiz: What's the most common firearm used while committing a crime in the United States? A .38 Special. Banned. Handguns? Banned. "Assault Weapons (whatever those are)? Banned. Extended magazines, armour piercing rounds and military grade hardware? Banned, Banned, Banned. The long and short of it is that for the most part, Canada's gun laws tend to get rid of the hardware that's part of the problem while keeping the "pioneering sportsman" mythos that a lot of people like to put out there to justify the right to bear arms. Do people still get shot in Canada? On occasion. This is lower than "one every x minutes" or whatever the current American rate is. Canada is safer.

Now the other countries you listed may very well be lawless societies hanging over the precipice of chaos without the noble everyman packing heat at his hip to keep it in check. But not Canada my friend. North lies an example that works if fully committed to and not merely half-assed to appeal to most.
My point is that I have been loosely keeping track of firearms laws and developments internationally and With Canada I was seeing retailers stocking things that are federally restricted for Americans just three months ago. Now all of those rifles are "Out of Stock". I was wondering the root causes.
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