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Default Colt Police Positive vs Official Police

Someone asked on the site, but since my login isn't working I'll post it here. The main difference between the Police Positive Special and the Official Police is the size - the PPS is much slimmer and lighter than the Official Police. It's hard to tell the difference in a picture but very obvious in the hand. The plain Police Positive has a shorter cylinder that won't accomodate the .38 Special, which can also be a visual cue. One of the best ways to tell the difference is the slimmer grip with more pronounced forward curve on the Police Positive.

Here's a good comparison.

I also snapped a picture of my Police Positive Special (1935) and Official Police (1941), but the forum is giving me trouble uploading it. Suffice to say because they were made a few years from each other, all the features are the same, so you can't rely on things like the type of grips or checkering on the topstrap to tell them apart.
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