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Originally Posted by commando552 View Post
I'll divide this into 2 question, firstly "Should we have an Ecchi category?" IMHO no, as firstly the term is rather subjective, secondly it is rather esoteric being only relative to anime unlike other categories like "comedy", and lastly there is no reason to add this as opposed to other Japanese genres (shounen, seinen, shojo, josei, harem, magical girl, SOL, etc.) and that is just opening up a can of worms.

Second part of the question "Should we have a Hentai category?" No, and also, I though "pornographic" titles are banned aren't they? I seem to remember this being discussed at some point but it is not currently in the RSP, do we allow them or not?
" Screenshots should be worksafe where possible. Unless they are the only available high-quality image of the weapon, images featuring extreme live-action gore, disturbing imagery or nudity should be avoided. If it is suspected these images are being included on a page purely for the sake of including shocking images, they are likely to be deleted."

In theory, if someone can do a page for a porno without any NSFW images, should it be allowed?
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