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Just to add, the S&W Model 620 hasn't appeared in antyhing either, as the one appearance it has is a 6 round cylinder as opposed to the 7 round on the 620. TBH though I understand keeping pages like the S&W 619 and 620 (although I would combine them as the latter is just the former with adjustable sights) as they could appear, and in fact I would guess that there may actually be one already pictured on the site misidentified as something else. However, the chances of a Fokker Leimberger turning up in something seem pretty slim to me, so I think pages for rare/crazy guns could be deleted.

I would say the PT915 could definitely be deleted as well, as firstly it is pretty much identical to the PT911 (it was an early version produced for a short time before being very slightly improved and renamed) so you would basically never be able to tell the difference between the two on screen, and secondly the image is actually of a PT945.
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