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I'm at the 3 and a half hour mark and so far the only new gun I've seen is a sniper rifle in the hands of a London police officer during the museum takeover, which I couldn't identify because it went by so fast. Additionally, the rooftop sequence with the burglar armed with an S&W Model 19 and the Russian family with the single-barrel shotgun don't appear in the movie at all. The plot is pretty much the same, just with the addition of Darkseid and more fleshing out of Barry Allen and Victor Stone.

Beyond that, a couple sci-fi mounted cannons appear being used by Paradaemons, but I'm pretty sure they won't qualify since they aren't based on anything real.

I'll just go ahead and make the redirect since so far the differences gun-wise are minimal and we can note the excluded cases like the S&W 19 and shotgun.

Edit: Spoke too soon. The epilogue sequence has a SCAR-L, an M249 Para, a GAU-17 minigun, a Mk 18 Mod 0, and a holstered 1911 which will be recognized from a previous DCEU movie once seen (I'm omitting names so as to not spoil anything, because this version of the movie is awesome and I highly recommend seeing it). But I feel like the differences are still too minimal to warrant a separate page because much of it would indeed be a clone of the existing page.
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