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While I'm at it, I might as well post some pics of my current AR-15 setup:

Major config changes (relative to the last time I posted pics):
- At home, I'm now running an Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic as my go-to sight. I still mostly run the rifle with my EOTech when I actually shoot it, but I decided that I needed an optic with better battery life that I can leave on for days at a time (whereas I've already changed the battery in my EOTech since I originally bought it). I initially considered either the T-2 Micro or the CompM5, but didn't want to spend the cash, so I chose the PRO instead. As of now, the EOTech is my range optic, while the Aimpoint is my home defense optic.
- I've swapped the Magpul vertical grip for an AFG-2, again, mostly for the range. Since I'm getting more comfortable C-clamping the rifle compared to when I first began shooting it, I prefer the AFG over the vertical grip.
- My Surefire light now has a pressure pad. I initially considered swapping the light to the 9:00 position so that I could just activate it with my thumb, but eventually found the pressure pad that I wanted on sale, so I splurged and bought it.
- I replaced the factory charging handle with a BCM Gunfighter (Gen 2 with a Mod 3B latch). Again, I bought it because it was on sale, but I'm actually not sure it was the best choice; it's kind of a dated design, and the extended latch tends to catch on the PALS webbing on my vest. I may soon replace it with one of Daniel Defense's new Grip-N-Rip charging handles, or another ambidextrous charging handle from BCM or Radian.
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