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Originally Posted by Jcordell View Post
My father owned a Taurus PT92 for several years in the Eighties. He purchased it shortly before it was announced that the Beretta was going to replace the M1911A1. Of course there were no Beretta 92 pistols to be found, but he was able to get hold of the Taurus and even that was a matter of luck and timing. I shot the hell out of that Taurus for a couple of years and never had any issues with it. Eventually dad traded it for something (can't remember what he got) and in 1999 he purchased an actual 92FS that I now own.
I like the Beretta, but the Taurus was a good pistol.
Interesting. Your Dad's gun wasn't by chance one of the very early models which had the magazine release button on the lower part of the grip, rather than near the trigger guard? (The first one I owned was the older style, because it was a mid-80s model.)

Here's my new(er) PT92, photographed, once again, on my yoga mat:

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