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So, here's my DD M4A1 (photographed, as always, on my yoga mat):

Note that while I wanted an M4A1 Block II clone, I know that this rifle isn't as "clone correct" as that of some cloners out there. I'm already not clone correct by virtue of the fact that the rifle is a Daniel Defense instead of a Colt. Some other discrepancies between my build and the real deal:

- My rifle has the standard continuous RIS II, rather than the RIS II FSP. Apparently, the RIS II FSP is far more common in the field nowadays (at least in USASOC), which I find very odd - I once burned my hand on the A-frame FSP of my DPMS AR-15 after running about 600 rounds through it, and that was long before I began shooting with the C-clamp grip. Nowadays, I'd be even more nervous about burning my thumb (even with gloves on) on any rifle that has the FSP. So, needless to say, I far prefer the regular RIS II and don't care that it isn't the more common version IRL.
- My EOTech EXPS-3-0 is the black version, rather than the tan version that was adopted by SOCOM as the SU-231/A. I wanted the tan version, but Brownell's had the black version on sale for $100 off, plus a 10% promo code discount, so I got it for just $512 new. I have actually seen at least one pic of a Green Beret using a black XPS on his rifle (which I'm guessing was a personal purchase before the formal adoption of the XPS-3-0 by SOCOM), though, so I guess it's not impossible to find this version in the field, just unlikely.
- I'm running Magpul MBUS sights because I like those much better than the KAC sights - both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Again, unlikely but not impossible to find in the field.
- I also have a Magpul vertical grip, which I use as more of a handstop. I know that a real SOCOM Block II would have either a tan TangoDown or KAC grip (if any at all). I'm probably going to buy a Magpul hand stop cover set in the future.
- Currently not running a pressure switch on my Surefire M600DF, though I'll get one eventually (though it means I'll probably have to remove or at least cut down the ladder rail cover on top).
- I'm using Magpul QD swivels (attached at the front with a Troy mount), instead of CQD mounts, which are far more common in the field.
- Rifle came with a standard A2 flash hider, which is of course pinned and welded. IRL, the Surefire 4-prong is now far more common (but almost no cloner has one because they're so pricey - I see far more 3-prong versions in the civilian market).
- I use the Viking Tactics sling mostly because I got it on sale - I realize that it's something of a dated design, and the Blue Force Gear slings are more common nowadays, though I'm sure plenty of SOCOM personnel still use VTACs. I also have a single-point sling with multiple detach points that I originally bought for my DPMS AR, and I've used that one, too.
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