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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
My other rifle has a BAD lever, but the only time I use it is for clearing malfunctions. I don't use it to drop the bolt unless I do one hand and even then, you practice safety rules. Put the rifle on safe before reloading. Some people think they can skip that step during reloads
If you are getting shot at most people don't though. The way I was taught in the British military is that the safety does on for normal or administrative loading and unloading but for "tactical" in combat reloads it doesn't. Part of this is the ergonomics of the safety of the SA80 being very quick to disengage but relatively slow to engage, but it is still taught the same on AR platforms. The problem is that when you install a BAD lever you are going from reloading with the safety off being a "relatively" safe practice to now being a dangerous one, and to me building in a new risk is not worth the time saving.

Personally, I also just don't like the idea that some administrative action is now being done inside the trigger guard. To me, to only reason a finger should ever be in there is to pull the trigger, if you start putting it in there for other things I worry that it would start to erode that deeply ingrained muscle memory particularly when under stress.
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