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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
Depending on what movie rating this could end up as, specific characters would have to be changed. I'd say get an actress that's young looking, can be charming and not token to the cast. If this was HBO, we could get away with using recent star power of actors. I can imagine Maisie Williams be Rory. She can definitely look young for the part. Though the real life prop of Rory's halberd needs to be smaller to be manageable

If this was an HBO series, we could get away with sexual content to an extent and even blood guts and gore without much approval.

I'm really entertaining this idea based on how the anime was really lackluster when it came to portraying the action and violence.
Thinking about this again, I think you missed my point about Rory. She's a bit of a cultural in-joke among the Japanese. Her name "Rory" is an actual name in English but it's also a pun on how looks like a "goth-loli" girl (i.e., a young woman who wears Gothic Lolita fashion and looks younger than 18 years of age) and yet is a demigod who's centuries old and ends up wanting to lose her virginity to Itami. The "moral guardians" in North America wouldn't hear of this, and the casting agency would probably end up casting an actress who is the same age as Itami's actor, losing some of the references behind Rory Mercury's name. That's the current wave of censorship for you.

Of course, if all you want is better action sequences, then that's easily done with the right director and funding, but then you might end up with fans of the original work who complain about the story being changed or condensed in a way they don't appreciate.
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