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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I still feel that the DA/SA trigger is pointless given basic level of training and practice to military and police. The DA/SA revolver made sense because it's actually a mechanism that operates the gun to shoot, but the DA/SA semi-auto was invented for the sole purpose of prevent accidents in poorly trained troops and for low quality training for police.
Wrong, it's so training carries over AND so if one doesn't want to be stuck with a revolver, they aren't then stuck with a SAO handgun (of which there are only TWO common designs, the BHP and 1911, compared to the million and a half DA options). DA/SA allows the shooter to carry a gun that's immediately ready to shoot (requiring no fine motor control to make ready like a SAO), that ISN'T limited to just 5-6 shots, and that will have a fairly short trigger after the initial shot. Also with the DA/SA, you don't really need a safety, just decock before you holster; this is better than having to hit a lever before you fire like with a single action pistol, which most people won't remember to do under stress, or will be disregard in favor of carrying the gun hammer down.

If DA/SA was so bad, you wouldn't have seen the US Army trying to copy the P38 after WW2, then like 35 years of most everyone that knew better carrying S&W autos, SIGs, CZ's, and HKs. The 1911 fad came later, counter to popular belief, and a lot of the features (beavertail, raised sights, extended slide release and safety) common now to make them more suited as a fighting gun have their roots in customization made for competition shooting rather than a need to put people in the ground
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