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Originally Posted by Evil Tim View Post
Compromising effectiveness is good because our guys might get hurt by our own weapons, so we should...adopt a more powerful round?
You're forgetting something important. 10mm Auto, unless loaded with penetrators, can't penetrate Level IIIA body armour. The same "just in case our rounds go astray into one of our guys" factor would still apply, assuming "our guys" are all using Level IIIA body armour where their (rifle-resistant) plates aren't covering.

Once again the Russians have been upgrading 9x19mm handguns and SMGs for their own forces as well.

Also, take a look at this recent video of someone letting rip with his full-auto 10mm MP5. That doesn't look like the gun has "uncontrollable recoil" to me.

Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
It's more like mistrust of our troops and instead of training them, it's more cost effective to give them equipment where they rely on the gadget to protect them from accidents?

I still feel that the DA/SA trigger is pointless given basic level of training and practice to military and police. The DA/SA revolver made sense because it's actually a mechanism that operates the gun to shoot, but the DA/SA semi-auto was invented for the sole purpose of prevent accidents in poorly trained troops and for low quality training for police. I remember when Teddy Roosevelt becoming chief of New York City's police and he made sure every officer under his command is properly trained in their weapons.
I'd also think it's a case using a technological solution to prevent what is in fact a training issue. The current lack of training for handguns used by LEOs is partly a budget issue too. The most likely cause is that the higher-ups feel that having more LEOs on the streets to respond to more calls is more important than making sure every one of them is good enough with their weapons.

Another example of technology making up for lack of training with regards to the P320 is the B&T-made grip module that provides a folding stock for the P320. It's certainly easier to shoot a handgun accurately with a folding stock than without one, but not as easily as one would a compact SMG with a buttstock that can take a proper cheekweld and a foregrip/handguard for the off-hand.

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