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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
Speaking of which, at my local store, they marked down another S&W auto, a 406. Giving it away at just under 300 bucks
The 4006 used to be hands down the most common S&W auto in my area, because tons and tons of police officers, especially HPD, carried them in the 90's and earlier 00's. Once XD's and M&P's got on the market, a bunch showed up on the used market, usually around $350 with mags, but they were gone within a few years.

Thinking of S&W, I'm looking at the Chief's Special 9mm as my next carry gun and may trade my mother my LCP for her old 642. She's probably getting her LTC, and she doesn't really like shooting the airweight, going to let her try the LCP out to see if she'd prefer it

EDIT: geez, just looked at how the recoil spring is set up on the CS series, might just go 3913. Would probably shoot it better anyways
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