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Originally Posted by Clutch View Post
Danny Glover's trunk in Predator 2.

A handgun in damn near every caliber and style possible, a customized short-barreled 12-gauge and probably a couple of full sized boomsticks, enough body armor to outfit a platoon...and a CAR-15-style assault rifle with an M203 mounted underneath and HE rounds. And the shit's mobile, too?
The thing I found strange was that he first pulled out a 1911 of some kind and said, "too slow" before putting it back. Then he grabs a shorty Remington 870? Isn't that kind of gun even "slower"?

Of course, he did manage to fire it pretty rapidly when he took out all of those drug dealers, which is what makes the whole scene so ridiculous. Four guys with full-auto Steyr AUGs and H&K G3s, and he's the one who comes out on top against all of them?
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