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For Bond if we assume it's Rodger Moore, He'd get his ass kicked in the first 5 seconds. He just sex and gadgets. Sean Connery wasn't that impressive and Pierce Brosnan was a better shooting Rodger. So that just leaves Daniel Craig.

So I'm assuming they all meet in a room and need to kill each other. Assuming Bond isn't hung over, He and Bourne get into a fist fight and it's a tie since they have the same style. Bauer would then tie them up and interrogate them. Since Daniel Craig bond doesn't use gadgets he can't escape but Bourne probably could. Bourne then takes out Bauer while his back is turned and ties up Bauer and leave him for dead with Bond. Bourne then laves with a newspaper in the toaster and the oven on. Bauer will somehow escape and snipe Bourne with a SCAR L from really far away. Or a pistol. He can do both.

TL, DR, Bauer since he's better at mid to long range and can survive having the sh*t kicked out of him. Bourne puts up a great fight. Bond hasn't proven himself against competent people in any movie.
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