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I think both Bourne and Bauer are significantly more badass than Bond. Don't get me wrong I like all the Bond movies and the new Daniel Craig version of Bond is a bit more hardcore but I don't think he stands up to Bourne or Bauer.

Bourne is highly trained in multiple facets of kick-assery including short and long range weapons and hand to hand combat. I believe in the movies he used a modified form of Eskrima/Kali.

Bauer is also highly trained with years of military and law enforcement experience including Special Forces and S.W.A.T. prior to his years in Counter Terrorism if my memory serves me correctly.

The one advantage I see for Bauer over Bourne is that he is much more ruthless. If a puppy were to get in the way of Bauer and his enemy he would kill the puppy and use its body to beat his enemy to death, whereas I think Bourne might pet it and maybe try to help find its owner. Hand to hand without guns though I don't think Jack could take Jason.
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