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Yeah, I'm single (serious relationship didn't survive the deployment), and my overseas contract doesn't expire until the end of the month - I built up a hell of alot of leave over the past two years! Lest you think I'm completely irresponsible with my money, I also saved a down payment on a house while I was over there - once I get a decent job I'll be buying my folk's house from them (at full market value, unfortunately).

I'm still waiting on the 1898 Krag I bought sometime around Christmas, as the guy I bought it from has been on course since I got back and hasn't been able to send it. And the same guy who had the Schoenauer has one more very interesting rifle I'm gonna try and scoop, but that'll be it for awhile. I already had to pass on a US Navy Remington-Lee 1885, and believe me it was painful!

And if it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty jealous of your Colt-buying wife! My ex was not so supportive.
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